A little something about me…Chelsea

My name is Chelsea Nwankwo, and I am the National Parliamentarian. I gained my Cardinal Key membership at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma. I graduated from SOSU in December 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. I currently work for SOSU as an Assistant Residence Hall Director for the Residence Life Department on campus. I attended the 2011 Cardinal Key national conference, which made me interested in Cardinal Key on a national level. However, I was not elected into office. When the opportunity arose, I became the National Parliamentarian just shortly before the 2013 national conference. While working with the board members, I decided that I would love another two years to continue serving on the national board and ran again for the office of Parliamentarian. I love everything about parliamentary procedure. If you have any questions, please email me at cknationalparliamentarian@gmail.com.

CK Love,

Chelsea Nwankwo

Southeastern OSU ’12

National Parliamentarian