Social Media and Cardinal Key

Hello fellow Cardinal Key members,

I hope everyone is enjoying their time away from school and making the most of their summer! While this time of the year may be slower for Cardinal Key activity, it is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your chapter next year. In order to keep Cardinal Key on every member’s mind over the summer, we encourage you all to maintain participation in CK this summer simply by using social media! Frequent posts are encouraged by each chapter’s social media outlets, which can go a long way in building chapter unity.

These posts do not need to be CK related and could be anything from future planning to cute videos of puppies as a midterm exam pick-me-up! All members are encouraged to follow their own chapter’s social media outlets as well as the National Cardinal Key Facebook page.

Example posts can be pictures from an event or even quotations.

If you choose to use a picture like this, be sure to give a brief explanation and tag everyone pictured!

If your chapter has yet to establish a social media presence it is encouraged to consider expanding your online presence over the next year.  Social media can be used as a great tool to strengthen your chapter and encourage perpetual participation from members even during times away from school.  You can also use it to engage with alumni.

Remember, if you don’t have time to post on Facebook for your chapter, be sure to follow your chapter and the National Cardinal Key Facebook page. This could help improve chapter continuity and interchapter relations. Remember to have a fun and safe summer and consider these ideas for CK involvement!


Bryson Jacobs