Service on Spring Break!

HAPPY SPRING (or almost spring) Cardinal Keys! This March, whether you are embarking on a fun Spring Break Trip with friends or are headed home for a week of relaxation, here are a few ideas for incorporating service and volunteering into your week off school.

If you’re staying home for Spring Break…

  • Find opportunities to serve in your area – will show you lots of options from working with animals to gardening!

  • Serve your family by helping out around the house! Do the dishes, mow the grass, dust the furniture…although these ideas may not seem large or that they will make a big impact, those around you will really appreciate it!

  • Donate blood – the Red Cross is especially in need of blood donations right now and donating a single pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!

If you’re headed out of town for Spring Break…

  • Plan ahead! Investigate the area you are visiting to see what service opportunities are available around you!

  • Serve those around you – if you are with a group of friends, a simple act of kindness such as serving breakfast to the group will show your friends how much you appreciate them!

  • Random acts of kindness – if you are driving a long way to your destination, consider leaving an encouraging message on each gas pump after filling up. All you will need is tape, paper and a marker! Message ideas include: Have a great day! You’ve totally got this! Take time for yourself. You are loved. You can do it! Don’t give up!

No matter what your spring break plans are, just remember to have fun and be safe! Enjoy the break, we’ve all earned it!

Tori Holt

Cardinal Key National President