Random Acts of Service – Holiday Edition!

Hi Cardinal Keys! I hope everyone is having a terrific winter! I’ve certainly enjoyed the changing leaves and crispness in the air. As an organization that is based on serving others, I wanted to encourage you with 10 random acts of service for the holiday season!


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  1. Spend time serving at a local food pantry or soup kitchen – For me, food is all about community. Memories are made around the table and during the winter months, a warm meal and time spent inside can lift the spirits of those who need it.

  2. Hold the door for others and share a smile – This is a great act of service for any time of the year but I think it can be especially beneficial during the holiday season. The holidays can be a hectic and stressful time. By sharing a smile you are sending a message of joy and cheer!

  3. Gather a group together and go caroling – Whether you go singing around campus or a senior living facility, the familiar tune of Frosty the Snowman and other classics bring joy to the lives of others.

  4. Collect your spare change and donate it to a Salvation Army Bell Ringer – If you don’t have any change, consider sharing a cup of hot cocoa or coffee with the Bell Ringers to help keep them warm.

  5. Be a Salvation Army Bell Ringer – If you happen to have a few hours of free time, consider being a Bell Ringer! Here is an link to see opportunities in your area: https://www.registertoring.com/WebPages/Default.aspx

  6. Share leftovers with the homeless – One of my favorite holiday traditions is bagging my holiday leftovers and delivering it to those who need it.

  7. Celebrate and encourage those who have to work during the holidays – Make cards or bake cookies for hospital employees, police officers & firefighters who spend their holidays away from their families while serving the public. Let them know they are appreciated this holiday season.

  8. Donate blood – While this is something that is beneficial year round, the number of blood donations decreases during the holiday season and your donation makes a huge difference. Sign up to donate here: http://www.redcrossblood.org/

  9. Rake leaves or shovel snow – If the leaves are piling up or there is snow on the ground, neighbors in your community may really need your help. Clearing driveways and sidewalks from leaves and snow is a great act of service to your neighbors and promotes safety in your community!

  10. Candy Cane Sprinkle – Leave a candy cane with a positive message on cars in a parking lot or on desks in an empty classroom. Whoever receives a candy cane will feel encouraged and enjoy the sweet treat.


We would love to see you serve! Did you and your chapter try some of these Random Acts of Service or do you have ideas to share? Please send photos and videos to cknationalsocialmedia@gmail.com or to the Cardinal Key National Honor Society Facebook Page!


Remember that a small action can have a tremendous impact in the lives of others. Have fun serving!