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RAKs- Random Acts of Kindness

RAKs- Random Acts of Kindness

My favorite part about Cardinal Key is being able to serve and give back to the community in a fun loving way. My last semester in college, I decided that I would try to give back to my college communities every week. It was my senior year and it was the busiest semester I had experienced yet, but I wanted to do something that would impact others around me. I decided I would do a random act of kindness for a stranger once a week, rather it be something small or monumental. I began my semester long journey by doing little things like, opening doors, loaning pencils, and buying packs of scantrons and passing them out outside of classes I knew had tests. By the middle of the semester I have advanced to swiping my cafeteria card for me and the 10 people behind me. It felt amazing to not only be giving back and performing these random acts of kindness, but to be helping people I knew. After just a few weeks, my small project had become a big hit and everyone began performing little acts around campus. Service doesn’t have to be big and elaborate; it can be the simplest thing. My chapter even began to participate and at every meeting we would report on our random acts of kindness. We eventually got to point, to where we would leave little notes from our chapter behind. If you are having trouble serving or want to serve more, I challenge you to do a random act of kindness once a week.

CK Love,

Chelsea Nwankwo

Southeastern OSU ’12

National Parliamentarian