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JDRF Walks

JDRF Walks

Have you ever volunteered at or participated in a JDRF walk?? If not, I encourage you and your chapters to either consider hosting a JDRF run/walk or finding a nearby race to volunteer at or participate in!

Last Spring, our JDRF chair sought out a JDRF walk that was fairly close to home to get new members interested and excited about JDRF. Four of us traveled to Muscatine, IA to participate in the walk. We walked alongside hundreds of individuals who were passionate about raising money and awareness for JDRF just like we as Cardinal Keys are! It was a great experience, especially as a new member, to be able to see what our philanthropy looks like from this perspective. Sometimes it is hard to get excited about raising money for research, but when you add some music, food, and energetic walkers it makes you proud to know that you are making a difference in so many peoples’ lives with T1D!

If you are fortunate enough to be able to host a JDRF run/walk in your town or on your campus, I encourage you to do so! Raising awareness about T1D and the research being compiled is a must if we are going to work toward a cure!

This year at the national conference we were able to help volunteer at the Ron Santo Walk to Cure Diabetes walk on the Chicago Lakefront. Over $700,000 was raised, with some donations still being processed. The goal was $1 million and they were confident in reaching it! Cheering on all the different teams and seeing their enthusiasm was so great!

Below is a picture of one of our National Advisors, Gretchen Smiles, painting a child’s face at the walk in Chicago at this year’s conference:

Volunteer or sponsor a JDRF run/walk (or any other event!).  You will not be disappointed!

Morgan Schmitz

National Vice President