Honors Day- University of Alabama

On the first Friday of April, classes are dismissed so that students at the University of Alabama can take part in what is known as “Honors Day.” This significant event is marked by the “Tapping on the Mound” ceremony, along with various awards recognitions from departments throughout campus. Though many Honor Societies, such as Cardinal Key, exist on campuses throughout the United States, it is interesting to see how the traditions of honor societies differ at different universities, even if their name is the same.

As a student at the University of Alabama, I have been fortunate enough to participate in the unique tradition of Honors Day for three years now. This event first began in the early 1900s as a way to recognize students for their scholastic contributions to the school. The focal event of Honors Day is the Tapping on the Mound ceremony. This takes place on the Quad atop a mound that once was a University building, but was burned down by Union soldiers. Friends and family of honor societies inductees are invited to the festivities, and there are usually around 400-500 people present. During the ceremony, UA students will find out if they have been invited to join some of the most prestigious honor societies on campus.

At UA, students are invited to apply for honor societies in early January. Most students will find out within the following weeks whether they were accepted to societies or not, but upcoming seniors are not told of their acceptance until Honors Day. On Honors Day, the president of each Senior honor society reads aloud the names of the new members. These inductees will then come forward and be “tapped” on the mound.

CK Love,

Hilary Jones