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Election Process

Election Process

As the National Parliamentarian, it is my job to ensure that the elections of the new National Cardinal Key officers go as smoothly as possible. So I wanted to go over the election process for anyone who hasn’t attended a national Cardinal Key conference before. We do use parli pro in the meeting, so if you are not familiar with parli pro or your parli pro is a little rusty then don’t worry we have a cheat sheet for you to use. I will also be present if you have any questions that the cheat sheet can’t help you with.

There are certain qualifications that you must meet before elected into office, and those are​: be an active ​member of a college chapter in good standing at the time of election, or alumni of a Cardinal Key ​chapter in good standing. If elected into office, you will serve a term of 2 years. When it’s time for nominations all you have to do is have someone nominate you or you could nominate yourself then you have the choice of either accepting the nomination or denying it. If you do accept the nomination, you will be in the running for that office. You will have the opportunity for a 30 second speech and allowed 5 minutes to answer any questions that the attendees may want to ask you. After that part is over, you will exit the room and there will be a discussion on your strengths and weaknesses. Then the next candidates for the office will go. After everyone has delivered their speeches and allowed time for questions and discussion, there will be a vote. For voting purposes, only the delegate from each school is allowed to cast a vote. We do understand that each school may have more than one attendee; therefore, we allow those schools’ delegates and non-delegates to confer before the delegate cast his or her vote.  The nominee with the most votes will win that office and will be sworn into office at the banquet later that night.

I hope this article has helped you understand the process and procedures for election our National officers. If you have any further questions please email me at cknationalparliamentarian@gmail.com or find me at the conference this weekend.

CK Love,

Chelsea Nwankwo

Southeastern OSU ’12

National Parliamentarian