“Faith, Trust Fortitude, Wisdom; I shall observe them faithfully, that my service be genuine, my life complete.”

Service is a cornerstone of what it means to be a Cardinal Key.  Remember that you do not need to have a ton of money or be extremely skillful in a particular area to impact the lives of others.  Every individual and each chapter have something to offer campus and community.  Oftentimes, the tendency to believe that we must travel far, or make a grand gesture for service to “count.” But, we want to encourage you that no matter the size of your service, if it is genuine, it will reverberate throughout your own life, as well as that of those you serve.

Perhaps your chapter doesn’t currently spend much of its time with service, or maybe you’re having a difficult time getting members to participate.  We would love to help! Contact us, and we will help your inspire your chapter to make an impact on your campus and in your community.

Engage with Service

So rally your chapter around a common cause.  It could be something you create as a tradition or a need you see in your community.  Whatever the cause…serve!

We have provided you with some ideas from other chapters’ service projects, and also some of our favorite quotations about service, which we hope will prove valuable resources for you and your chapter.

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