Social Media and Cardinal Key

Hello fellow Cardinal Key members,

I hope everyone is enjoying their time away from school and making the most of their summer! While this time of the year may be slower for Cardinal Key activity, it is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your chapter next year. In order to keep Cardinal Key on every member’s mind over the summer, we encourage you all to maintain participation in CK this summer simply by using social media! Frequent posts are encouraged by each chapter’s social media outlets, which can go a long way in building chapter unity.

These posts do not need to be CK related and could be anything from future planning to cute videos of puppies as a midterm exam pick-me-up! All members are encouraged to follow their own chapter’s social media outlets as well as the National Cardinal Key Facebook page.

Example posts can be pictures from an event or even quotations.

If you choose to use a picture like this, be sure to give a brief explanation and tag everyone pictured!

If your chapter has yet to establish a social media presence it is encouraged to consider expanding your online presence over the next year.  Social media can be used as a great tool to strengthen your chapter and encourage perpetual participation from members even during times away from school.  You can also use it to engage with alumni.

Remember, if you don’t have time to post on Facebook for your chapter, be sure to follow your chapter and the National Cardinal Key Facebook page. This could help improve chapter continuity and interchapter relations. Remember to have a fun and safe summer and consider these ideas for CK involvement!


Bryson Jacobs

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Outstanding CK Chapters & Recognition for the Year

Hello all,

As we move into the summer it is important to think about all the contributions your CK chapter can make to your community next year. Below are a couple awards Cardinal Key chapters received on their respective campus for their outstanding service and commitment to excellence this year!

Northern Arizona University- President’s Service Award

Truman State Cardinal Key received Outstanding Small Organization

Congratulations to both chapters on their recognition and feel free to share any other recognitions your chapters received this year! In addition, every chapter and member should be actively brainstorming ways to improve their Cardinal Key chapter next year! We are so proud of the positive impact each chapter makes on their school and their community.

Thanks, and keep having a great summer!


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Making an Outside Impact!

Hi CKs!

For this month’s blog post, I wanted to share with you what a member of Cardinal Key is doing to serve those around her and her community. I met Sara at the 2015 National Conference in Atlanta, GA. Sara attends Chadron State College in Nebraska. Working with the Health Professionals Club, Sara hosted a Bone Marrow Registry Drive. Although Sara’s involvement was not directly with Cardinal Key, I think she is a great example of how we can serve others through all of the organizations we are involved in and the people we come into contact with. I asked her to write about her experience for this post and am very thankful she was willing to share her experience (and photos!) with us.

“The bone marrow registry was a prospect first introduced to me when I attended the Cardinal Key National Conference in October. Tori shared her story about how she joined the registry and the amazing experience she had as a donor. I was instantly curious about this opportunity because I wasn’t very informed about bone marrow donation. Of the many people that need a bone marrow transplant, about 70% of them are able to match a family member for a donor. The other 30% must rely on a person that he or she has not met that is signed up through the registry.”

“When my advisor approached me with the opportunity to host a drive for the bone marrow registry through the Health Professions Club, I didn’t hesitate to get everything rolling. My club hosted a three hour drive in the Student Center on our campus. In those three hours, the Health Professions Club was able to add about 100 people to the bone marrow registry! Everyone from students to faculty was talking about the bone marrow drive and the great opportunity that this was giving our campus. I cannot thank Tori enough for introducing me to the need for bone marrow donors so that I could help people in my little town in Nebraska feel like they were part of something so life changing.”

WOW! I admire Sara so much. She used the Cardinal Key virtues and purpose while working with another organization to make a tremendous difference. Whether hosting blood drives or participating in JDRF walks, Sara strives to consistently make an impact in the lives of those around her. We are so proud of her for the work she has done and it is wonderful to see the impact a member of Cardinal Key in her community.


Students learning about the drive and preparing to join the registry!


Look at all of those completed donor forms! Wow!


A student swabbing her cheek so her cells can be added to the Bone Marrow Registry


Volunteers working hard to teach the potential registry members about Bone Marrow Donation.

-Tori Holt, Cardinal Key National President


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Service on Spring Break!

HAPPY SPRING (or almost spring) Cardinal Keys! This March, whether you are embarking on a fun Spring Break Trip with friends or are headed home for a week of relaxation, here are a few ideas for incorporating service and volunteering into your week off school.

If you’re staying home for Spring Break…

  • Find opportunities to serve in your area – will show you lots of options from working with animals to gardening!

  • Serve your family by helping out around the house! Do the dishes, mow the grass, dust the furniture…although these ideas may not seem large or that they will make a big impact, those around you will really appreciate it!

  • Donate blood – the Red Cross is especially in need of blood donations right now and donating a single pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!

If you’re headed out of town for Spring Break…

  • Plan ahead! Investigate the area you are visiting to see what service opportunities are available around you!

  • Serve those around you – if you are with a group of friends, a simple act of kindness such as serving breakfast to the group will show your friends how much you appreciate them!

  • Random acts of kindness – if you are driving a long way to your destination, consider leaving an encouraging message on each gas pump after filling up. All you will need is tape, paper and a marker! Message ideas include: Have a great day! You’ve totally got this! Take time for yourself. You are loved. You can do it! Don’t give up!

No matter what your spring break plans are, just remember to have fun and be safe! Enjoy the break, we’ve all earned it!

Tori Holt

Cardinal Key National President



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

What better holiday is there to celebrate Cardinal Key than the holiday that’s all about love? I’m a huge fan of this lovely day and can’t wait to celebrate this holiday with my CK family. Our chapter has a tradition of writing Valentines to our new pledges and it really starts our Spring Semester off right! Beyond just Valentine’s Day we love celebrating every holiday as a Cardinal Key chapter. We start right away in the fall semester by giving each other lots and lots of candy on Halloween and definitely party it up during Thanksgiving with a progressive dinner. During the winter months we enjoy a Secret Santa exchange and send our Alumnae a Holiday Greeting. Holidays are truly a great time to celebrate and are the perfect opportunity to plan social events with your chapter. Everyone wants to be home for the holidays, so why not celebrate at your school, your home away from home, with your Cardinal Key family?

To keep in the giving spirit and to add some much needed CK Love to this world, you can add an aspect of service to all of your holiday social events. This Valentine’s Day, try making door decorations for the doors of local senior citizens in your community or on Thanksgiving, donate cans to a local food pantry so a family in need can eat a hearty meal on this special day. Extend the giving spirit during the December holiday season by adopting a local family and making their holiday wishes come true. And on Halloween, support our National Philanthropy, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, by going trick-or-treating for change to donate instead of for candy. The holidays are a wonderful time to appreciate and encourage each other and a special time to serve our local communities.

CK Love,

Rachel Marx

Cardinal Key National Past President, Truman State University ‘13


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